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Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the "two studies and one learning" educational activities held by the company and the Municipal Bureau of Statistics


September 8, 2016, in order to carry out the implementation of the CPC Central Committee on the depth of party members, "two school one to do" learning and education activities, Linyi City Bureau of Statistics Party members in the party secretary, director Zhang Fanchun, Lanshan District deputy secretary, Under the leadership of the grassroots level, and all the party members of the Austrian textile company jointly hand in hand to build a "two school one to do" learning and education activities, the two sides on the "two learning one" learning and education activities in-depth exchanges, and achieved good results.

"Two studies" is to study and practice the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, to promote the comprehensive and strict extension of the party to the grassroots level to consolidate and expand the party's mass line education practice and the "three strict three real" special education achievements, further To solve the party members in the ideological, organizational, style, discipline and other aspects of the problem, in order to maintain the development of the party's advanced nature and purity. To this end, the activities of the special arrangements for the company's chairman Dong Bo comrades of the company's entire development process to do a detailed report. Dong Qin can be reviewed in the report from the beginning of the reform and opening up individual entrepreneurship, after 30 years, and gradually grow into the spinning, logistics, hotels, hotels and other industries, has more than 800 employees, the products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions of large enterprises Group of entrepreneurial history, growth history. The report reflects the ups and downs of the development process, the founder of hard work, indomitable heroic style is just a microcosm of our party building, so that every member of the party are highly educated.

At the meeting, Zhang also on behalf of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics to the Ober Corporation presented the Bureau of Statistics books and CD-ROM, through these information, but also let us understand the daily work of the Bureau of Statistics and work in the hardships and sweat to pay.

Finally, Zhang Juchang for this event to do a summary. He pointed out that the Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the Austrian company's party building work in the adherence to Yimeng spirit to lead, adhere to innovation and entrepreneurship, hard-working goal-oriented, adhere to the needs of service-oriented dedication, integrity and pragmatic, realistic style, , Comprehensive assessment of the leading direction and so there are many common ground. Become a solid foundation for us to do a good job. City Bureau of Statistics to learn from the party building, management of good practices, good experience, rich "two school one to do" and the content of the party building content; to use a good hand platform, building long-term carrier, to organize various forms of collective activities , To achieve common development and progress.

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