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How to judge the quality management level of spinning mill


1, whether the use of modern tools for quality management is the basis of enterprise quality control, quality management module is an important part of ERP management software, its implementation throughout the entire production line, is the production process of quality control A strong guarantee.

2, whether passed the ISO9000 series of standard certification, and the implementation of the whole process of quality control? ISO9000 to meet customer requirements for the purpose, for the different business characteristics of enterprises, require more stringent quality assurance system. Through the quality system certification is a business with a stable quality assurance capabilities.

3, the use of raw materials companies have a stable source, and there is a certain reserve, not because of funds and other reasons often stop production, in line with the needs of the equipment. These are the basis of long-term continuous and stable yarn quality, which can effectively avoid a series of difficult problems such as color difference, different fiber and neps.

4, whether there is a long-term stable cooperation of high-quality customer base, which can promote the continuous improvement of enterprise quality management level, but also a true reflection of the level of enterprise quality management.

5, the enterprise's basic management system is sound? The five basic management systems of human, machine, material, law and ring textile enterprises are the limited guarantee of the internal control quality standard of the enterprise.

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