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How to prevent the handbag charter jitter


There are many reasons for the disconnection of the packet breakers: there is no card over the bag; there is no replacement needle, if the needle is replaced, the needle is installed; check the envelope of the pull enough; gun-type packet machine pressure Whether the line group is too tight; the angle of the tray is not skew; check the above points are no problem, please adjust the location of the needle. Hope to have all your help.

Aubo Universal AB9-370 portable electric bag machine, simple structure, automatic cutting, fast sewing, easy to clean, suitable for the most demanding production environment, to minimize downtime. Aubo Universal AB9-370 portable electric bag machine is a belt structure, the use of time when the jitter is normal, if you want to reduce the jitter, you can add some butter, you can reduce the jitter and noise, but also to reduce the bag machine damage.

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